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Future Remembrance Museum HQ renovation continues

A month after signing the contract for the modernisation of the Lagerhaus, Dorota Mleczko, Remembrance Museum Director, and Teresa Jankowska, member of the Oświęcim District Council visited the construction site.

Site manager Mateusz Kutaś showed the ladies around the site and informed them how the work is going and spoke of the work planned for the coming days.

Preparatory work and tidying is underway on all floors of the building to prepare for further construction. The heap of rubble outside the entrance is growing daily! Most noticeably is the absence of a roof, which has been taken down temporarily. And the roof tiles lined up carefully on the lot are waiting to be re-laid.

Remembrance Museum Director Dorota Mleczko says, “The works have gone particularly smoothly so far, and I hope this will continue right to the end of the construction works. It is important that work is being done on several floors at the same time: the roof construction is being taken down, the old parquet floor is being removed and preparatory works to strengthen the foundations are underway.”

Arco Systems ltd based in Oświęcim is responsible for the adaptation of the building for the needs of the Remembrance Museum of Land of Oświęcim Residents. The building is located at nr 2A Kolbego street in Oświęcim. The Remembrance Museum’s activities on the new site are due to begin at the start of 2022.

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