Instytucja Kultury województwa Małopolskiego

For the Inhabitants about the Inhabitants

In order to document the past of the land of Oświęcim in the most honest and reliable manner, our Museum is seeking artefacts from the past.
Ludzie pozujący do zdjęcia na łące.

We kindly ask you, ladies and gentlemen, if you are in possession of old photographs, letters, memoirs, documents and other artefacts connected to our local history, that you make them available for the needs of the exhibition being created. Your engagement and involvement will enable us to create an exposition which will show visitors from home and abroad the rich, interesting yet also difficult past of the land of Oświęcim in an unconventional manner with the use of modern multi-media. We warmly invite you to participate in this project.

Archiwalne zdjęcie. Uśmiechnięta kobieta pozuje do zdjęcia.
Archiwalne zdjęcie. Ludzie jadący powozem