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Award presentation with Santa and Elves

Laureaci, uczestnicy, opiekunowie i organizatorzy konkursu

31 children took part in the third edition of the “Letter to Santa Claus” contest. This time it was dedicated to the dreams of our great-grandparents. Winners and participants received their prizes at the headquarters of the organizer, the Remembrance Museum.

In the museum’s conference room, Elves awaited the contest participants and their guardians. Moments after the meeting began, Santa Claus joined the attendees, who later assisted in handing out awards.

The submitted works were judged by a committee consisting of the chairwoman – museum director Dorota Mleczko, and members Barbara Żydek, Joanna Cebulska and Anita Bury.


Age category 6-8 years artwork:

1. Lena Godyń 2. Liliana Chwiędacz 3. Mikołaj Zając

Age category 6-8 years:

1. Hanna Przesór 2. Lena Przesór 3. Liliana Kwaśny 3. Matthew Seweryniak

Age category 9-13 years:

1. Adrian Lisowski 2. Elena Rusin 3. Emilia Pietrzyk

Distinction Zofia Mrozik

List of all participants in the competition:

Emilia Lisowska Ignacy Piwowarczyk Kacper Zaręba Natalia Stec Oliwier Czechowicz Pola Godyń Liliana Chwiędacz Mikołaj Zając Liliana Kwaśny Mateusz Seweryniak Lena Przesór Hanna Przesór Lena Godyń Victor Piwowarczyk Bartłomiej Lisowski Emil Piwowarczyk Zofia Mrozik Wiktoria Noworyta Antoni Bernaś Wiktoria Dubel Emilia Pietrzyk Piotr Hatala Adrian Lisowski Jaysean Golonka-Kumar Anna Beatolin Oskar Brombosz Kinga Wilczak Zuzanna Kowalik Igor Cembala Elena Rusin Maja Koziel

The works of the winners and participants can be found on our educational portal:

Winners and participants of the competition with their guardians wait for the distribution of prizes
Dorota Mleczko, director of the Remembrance Museum, welcomes guests.
Anita Bury and Joanna Cebulska of the Education Department take on the roles of Elves.
Prizes were presented by director Dorota Mleczko. She was assisted by Santa Claus.
Winners and participants in the competition
Winners, participants, guardians and organizers of the contest