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“Trails of Memory” Competition Results

The first History Competition entitled “Trails of Memory” held under the patronage of Oświęcim District and co-hosted by the Youth Cultural Centre and the Remembrance Museum of Land of Oświęcim Residents has closed!

The competition was aimed at primary school classes IV- VI and VII – VIII and secondary schools of this district. The board made up of staff of both hosting institutions awarded the following prizes:


Art Competition

Primary School Classes IV-VI

Distinction: Tomasz Kurek from Primary School nr 2 in Brzeszcze.

Primary School Classes VII-VIII

1st place – not awarded

2nd place – Natalia Wojciechowska from Primary School nr 5 in Brzeszcze

3rd place – Iwona Dębska from H. Sienkiewicz Primary School in Laskowa

Distinction for her concept: Emilia Kukla from Joint Primary-Pre-School with Integration Classes in Brzeszcze.

Secondary Schools – no awards granted


Literary Competition

Primary School Classes VI- VI

1st place – Bartosz Wawręty from Primary School nr 2 in Zaborze

Primary School Classes VII-VIII

1st place – Emilia Stawowy from Primary School nr 2 in Brzeszcze

2nd place – Karolina Mizia from Primary School nr 2 in Brzeszcze

3rd pace – not awarded

Distinction: Weronika Borowczyk from Primary School in Poręba Wielka


Due to Covid-19, the planned exhibition of the works will not take place.

The awards will be granted during an intimate gathering in the Artists’ Basement at the Youth Cultural Centre, 4, Bema Street, Oświęcim at 4pm on 9th February 2021. We invite all Competition participants and their supporters to attend. All participants will receive an award.

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