High numbers of Remembrance Museum visitors

Muzeum Pamięci w maju

Almost 2000 people visited the Remembrance Museum of Land of Oświęcim Residents in May. Entrance to the Museum is free of charge in June and visitors can enjoy the film entitled “Kurierka” (The Courier)

The Remembrance Museum opened its doors to the public for the first time at Kolbego street and staff were delighted with the high numbers that Night of the Museums and in particular the “mapping” – a multimedia presentation – on the façade of the building brought with it.

Many visitors returned to the museum to take their time to visit the exhibition. These visitors were not only locals, but also those from abroad, such as England, Germany and the Netherlands. Even visitors from far-away Brazil were drawn to hear the stories of how local inhabitants rendered aid to KL Auschwitz prisoners.

“We are very pleased with such high numbers of visitors during our first opening weeks. I hope that increasing numbers of people will decide to come in the coming weeks. We strongly encourage groups to book their time of entry to ensure they can tour the museum with an audio guide,” said Dorota Mleczko, director.



Our visitors have willingly shared their feelings and emotions with us after viewing the exhibition. Approximately 100 people have written their interesting opinions and thoughts in the Post-Exhibition Reflections.

In June, as in May, entrance and rental of audio guides will be free of charge.

And that is not the only good news! After its official premiere, the film “Courier” co-financed by the Remembrance Museum will be shown free of charge in the conference room. This is the incredible story of Władysława Krystyna Rzepecka, nee Harat, Home Army courier. As a 17- year-old girl in 1943, she secretly carried documents stolen from KL Auschwitz by prisoners to Warsaw where they were given to Jan Karski.

Due to limited seating, all those interested in watching the film are kindly asked to reserved their spot by emailing biuro@muzeumpamieci.pl or by phone 33 447 40 84. Tickets are allocated on a first come- first served basis.


14th June at 6pm

21st June at 10am

26th June at 3pm

For groups of over 15 people, private screenings can be arranged.

Visitor comments from the Post-Exhibition Reflections:

“It’s good that there is such a place where we can get to know these very emotional world war stories.”


“Hugely emotional… So much suffering, pain and injustice… and in it all, the highest level of humanity.”


“Very moving exhibition. For the people of that period, it was the most important exam of their lives, which they passed with honours.”


“I am most impressed with this wonderful place. So many testimonies. 😊”


“A wonderful place to learn the history of the town and its inhabitants. Great respect for the huge amount of work put into gathering witness testimonies.”


“Stirring and moving. Plenty of people’s stories and of suffering, but also of beautiful figures worthy of following. The museum itself is worth of note. Thank you.”


“I hadn’t realised what the inhabitants of Oświęcim and surrounding area felt when the displacements (evictions from their homes) started.”


“Our history is tragic, however, thanks to incredible people, it often had a happy ending. We must always forgive, but it is our responsibility to remember.”