Night of the Museums

Noc Muzeów w Muzeum Pamięci

On Saturday, 14th May, the Remembrance Museum of Land of Oświęcim Resident invites you to watch an extraordinary multimedia projection on the façade of the building and to visit the newly opened museum in the evening.

On the Night of the Museums, the museum located at 2A Kolbego Street in Oświęcim has prepared a special attraction for visitors in the form of mapping – a multimedia show. It will be presented four times in the evening. The wall of the museum building, which is about 400 square metres large, will serve as a screen for the animations. This is approximately the size of two tennis courts. The dynamic images will be accompanied by synchronized music, emphasizing the drama of the visual message. During the show, viewers will be guided through the history of the Second World War, with particular emphasis on the aid rendered by the inhabitants of the Land of Oświęcim to the prisoners of KL Auschwitz.

From 6 p.m. to midnight, the permanent exhibition on the three floors of the Remembrance Museum will be open to visitors. The Museum offers free parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the building to all motorized visitors.

Programme of the Night of the Museum

2A Kolbego Street, Oświęcim


Visit the permanent exhibition – free of charge

Hire an audio-guide free of charge

Parking by the museum free of charge

hours: 21.00, 21.30, 22.00, 22.30

Mapping – Enjoy multimedia projections on the museum wall – free of charge

Parking by the museum free of charge

Noc Muzeów w Muzeum Pamięci Mieszkańców Ziemi Oświęcimskiej