O czym szumią nasze drzewa? Projekt edukacyjny

Of what do our trees rustle?

What legends and tales do trees tell? “Open your doors” to folk tales, let them dwell with us!

We are delighted to announce a new project entitled “Of what do our trees rustle?” The aim? To collect and collate legends, folk tales and fairy tales from the Land of Oświęcim. All collated texts will be published in a booklet.

If you have heard of such stories from the Land of Oświęcim, please do write them down and email them to us at edukacja@muzeumpamieci.pl

We invite all residents, both big and small, to join our project and hope that it will encourage you to go on a literary adventure!


The eagle looks with his beady eye to see how the good folks fare.
The plot that begins the tale starts here right in this eagle’s nest…

A. Małys, Legend of the foundation of Kęty.

O czym szumią nasze drzewa

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