The Courier Girl showing in March

Kadr z filmu Kurierka

The Remembrance Museum warmly invites you to a free screening of the Polish version of Courier Girl at 4pm on Sunday March 12th 2023.

The picture, directed by Marek Luzar, combines the main character’s story with the latest animation techniques and was co-financed by the Remembrance Museum.

It is the extraordinary story of Władysława Krystyna Rzepecka née Harat, a courier in the Home Army pseudonym “Wanda.” In 1943, as a 17-year-old girl, she carried documents stolen by Auschwitz prisoners on a secret mission to Warsaw which were later used by Jan Karski.

Please register your participation in advance to confirm your seat. Email us: or by phone: 33 447 40 84.

Groups of more than 15 people and schools and or those wishing to watch the English version of the film may book a private screening. Again, please contact us to reserve your date.
Kurierka on YouTube