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The story of Helena Datoń – a legend of the camp resistance movement

Historia Heleny Datoń

You are warmly invited on 15th June 2023 to the Remembrance Museum at 2A Kolbego Street in Oświęcim to hear of the extraordinary life of Helena Datoń (married name Szpak).

Helena’s younger sister, Danuta Dyba of Krzeszowice, and Helena’s daughter, Małgorzata Boroń of Chrzanów, will speak about her life and involvement in helping KL Auschwitz prisoners. The meeting begins at 11am. Admission is free.

You are kindly asked to confirm your in person participation by 12th June 2023: Tel. 33 447 40 84, e-mail:

This event in the series “Encounters with eyewitnesses” dedicated to the figure of Helena Datoń is organized as part of the commemoration of the 83rd anniversary of the first transport of Poles to Auschwitz and will be broadcast live on the Internet.

Read more about Helena Datoń and Małgorzata Boroń’s priceless donation to the Remembrance Museum:

Online broadcast of the Encounter online on 15th June 2023