Kalendarz 2021

Unique 2021 Calendar

For the second year running, the Remembrance Museum of Land of Oświęcim Residents is pleased to publish its calendar with photographs taken from its ever-richer collections.

The calendar, which is in A3 format, contains photographs taken over 50 years of the 20th century and tells the story and history of inhabitants of this area.

We are pleased to present the calendar to friends and supporters of the Remembrance Museum as a gift under the Christmas tree! It is just one of the ways in which we would like to say thank you for your cooperation, fabulous initiatives and selfless help in our everyday work.

Beginning with January, the photographs show:

  • Winter in Rajsko, 1950, (from the family archives of Ewa Stawowczyk)
  • Winter at Stare Stawy in Oświęcim, 1943
  • Women’s Day at the shoe factory BATA in Chełmek, 1966 (from the family archives of Miłosz Molenda)
  • Spring tilling in Bobrek, 1950s (from the family archives of Wanda Lorek)
  • Holy Communion in Osiek Dolny Primary School, 1920s/1030s (from the family archives of Jadwiga Momot)
  • Trip to the forest in Jawiszowice, 1936
  • Brzeszcze inhabitants’ holiday, 1936
  • Joint photograph at the zinc works in Oświęcim, 1937, (from the family archives of Elżbieta Błaszczyk)
  • Pupils and teachers in front of the Babice Primary School, 1960s/1070s, (from the family archives of Miłosz Molenda)
  • Harvesting fish from Brzeszcze ponds, 1935
  • Late Autumn in Polanka Wielka, 1950s, (family archives of Zofia Polak)
  • Pre-schoolers from the State Pre-School no. 9 in Oświęcim, 1958 (family archives of Tadeusz Handzlik)

The front page of the calendar (rather different in style from the other photos) shows Remembrance Museum staff, in other words the RM Team! The photograph was taken on the Oświęcim Boulevards on 2nd July 2020 by Filip Bury.

Our very warm thanks to those of you who shared your family photographs with us and so helped us create this unique calendar!

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