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Come and join us online!

Puzzles to figure out and a virtual walk around well-known places in Oświęcim and surrounding area are the latest suggestions from the Remembrance Museum of Land of Oświęcim Residents for spending your time while staying at home.

As the pandemic continues, so the Remembrance Museum continues its activities online as staff work from home writing up witness testimonies, entering new collections into our catalogue and describing museum artefacts that the Museum has acquired.

The Remembrance Museum has been actively participating in the campaign “#zostańwdomu” (stay at home[1]) since it started in Poland. So, all of our suggestions use the Internet as a means of communication and are aimed at the young and… not quite so young!

We began by inviting young people from Oświęcim District schools to be active online and take part in the second stage of the creation of the mobile app “Memorial Sites v2.0”. We want young people to use their time wisely while at home. Of course, all the work we invite them to take part in will take place entirely from home.

Just to remind you, the basis for the app “Memorial Sites v2.0” is the book by Andrzej Strzelecki entitled “Topography of Remembrance. Memorial Sites in the Land of Oświęcim of Auschwitz victims and resistance movement heroes 1939-1945.” The second stage focuses on the addition of multimedia elements to the app which, in its present form, can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play.

And for the last two weeks, we have been inviting you via our FB fanpage to take part in games, for example, racing the clock to complete puzzles of pictures of monuments found in the Land of Oświęcim. All ages are invited. Attractive prizes!

We know how popular historical photographs are with our online friends. That’s why, in a couple of days, you will be warmly invited to take part in a virtual walk around Oświęcim and surroundings. We will be publishing photos where you will be able to see what our streets and nearby villages looked in the last century. It will be particularly exciting as the majority of these photos have never been shown in public before!

Special company prizes will be awarded to the most active “walkers!”

We encourage you to stay at home and make use of the time to increase your knowledge about our local history and its heroes.

More interesting ways to fill your time with our Remembrance Museum coming soon…watch this space!

[1] National campaign in Poland encouraging people to stay at home during the pandemic and providing suggestions of how to spend their time, sharing ideas, recommending films, books and activities to do…

Muzeum Pamięci organizuje wirtualnej zajęcia w czasie epidemii

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