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The Land of Oświęcim Residents’ Museum has many plans for its development. Its main activities focus on investing in the building known as the “Lagerhaus” for the needs of the Museum and its permanent exhibition there. However, the Museum also carries out content-based activity through the constant expansion of its collections and museum artefacts. The Museum’s up and coming activities include a publication about the residents of the land of Oświęcim who fought on the front lines during World War II.  This will be the Museum’s second publication.

The academic publication will tell of the fate of the local inhabitants who fought on the western front (mainly England and Scotland) and on the southern front (including at Monte Cassino). If you, ladies and gentlemen, know that your forefathers or family members fought on these fronts and would be willing to share their experiences or perhaps keep-sakes or mementos with us, please contact the Museum’s director.

“The Museum is in the process of preparing a second publication. It will not contain information about all the inhabitants of the land of Oświęcim , it will rather simply be a departure point enabling research to be carried out in the future – enabling the creation of a type of lexicon or information brochure about the people who were involved in the war on the front lines,” says Dorota Mleczko, Land of Oświęcim  Residents’ Memory Museum Director.

Publication is expected in the latter part of September 2019 and will be the Museum’s second publication. Just a reminder that the first publication by Dr. Andrzej Strzelecki entitled (in Polish) Topografia Pamięci. Miejsca pamięci o ofiarach Auschwitz I bohaterach ruchu oporu w latach 1939 – 1945 znajdujące się na Ziemi Oświęcimskiej (Topography of Memory. Memorial sites of Auschwitz victims in the land of Oświęcim and heroes of the Resistance Movement in the years 1939 – 1945) debuted in March 2019 during the academic conference held under the patronage of Vice Premier Beata Szydło and the Starost (District Head) Marcin Niedziela.

Photo: First academic conference entitled “Topografia Pamięci” took place in the St Maximilian Kolbe Centre in Harmęże.

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