Mementoes of Przecieszyn’s heroic inhabitant in the Remembrance Museum


Valuable photographs, documents and every day articles connected to Helena Płotnicka and her family are now in the Remembrance Museum of Land of Oświęcim Residents.

The transfer contract was signed in Przecieszyn by Helena’s granddaughter, Krystyna Rybak and Remembrance Museum director Dorota Mleczko.

Helena Płotnicka, Przecieszyn inhabitant was a member of the resistance movement during WWII. She rendered aid to prisoners of the Nazi German concentration camp KL Auschwitz. She delivered medicines and food as well as messages/correspondence. After her arrest for her activities, she was also taken to KL Auschwitz, where she was given the number 65492. She died there on 17th March 1944 from typhus.

“The objects which we have received build up a picture of Helena, her outstanding actions and her selfless engagement. In today’s times of growing indifference to our fellow man, such attitudes and behaviour must be shown and strongly highlighted,” emphasised Remembrance Museum director Dorota Mleczko.

Among the photographs which are now in the Remembrance Museum’s collection is one of the best well-known images of Helena Płotnicka. She is seen with another resistance movement member, Wanda Kożusznik, who also rendered aid to prisoners.

The Museum will shortly expand its collection with more valuable artefacts connected to Helena Płotnicka.


Those of you who would like to share your mementoes or memories of WWII are warmly invited to contact the Remembrance Museum by phone 33 447 40 84 or by email: