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Promotion of historical book in Brzeszcze coming soon

Promocja książki w Brzeszczach

On November 30, at 6 pm, at the headquarters of the Volunteer Fire Department at 41 Piastowska Street in Brzeszcze, a meeting will begin promoting the new publication entitled “Monuments, memorials, commemorative plaques in the Brzeszcze Municipality”. Attention, attention! Participants will receive the book as a gift!

The creation of this collective work edited by Dr. Jacek Lachendro took … more than 20 years! The collection of materials began in the late 1990s. For various reasons, activities were suspended. I don’t think anyone thought at the time that it would take so long to restart. In 2021, work on the publication, planned two decades earlier, was successfully resumed by the Brzost Association for the Brzeszcze Municipality. The 200-page book was published in 2021 by the Remembrance Museum. It contains photographs and descriptions of more than 50 title monuments, memorials and commemorative plaques.

“The individual texts were arranged in such a way as to present, in a relatively chronological manner, the events or people who the described objects commemorate. In this way, through the presentation of monuments, graves and plaques, it is possible to present fragments of the history of individual villages that are now part of the Brzeszcze Municipality, as well as to acquaint readers with the achievements of their residents in various fields. These objects commemorate prominent people from Brzeszcze and neighbouring localities, as well as the actions they took to build and maintain churches and chapels, establish and run schools and other institutions, and their participation in the struggle to regain and later defend Poland’s independence,” wrote Dr. Jacek Lachendro in the introduction. During the meeting at the fire station on Wednesday (November 30), he will give a lecture on selected objects.

The Remembrance Museum, Brzeszcze Municipal Association “Brzost”, Brzeszcze Municipality, and Local Housing Estate Authorities No. 3 in Brzeszcze warmly invite you to the promotion of the book “Monuments, memorials, commemorative plaques in the Brzeszcze Municipality”. Event partner is the Brzeszcze Volunteer Fire Department.