A round-up of the year

Although the Remembrance Museum began its activity only in June 2018, it has already organised many interesting events, has collected over 1000 artefacts and taken several dozen recordings.

Our institution fulfils its aims through educational, publication and exhibitory activities. So far, we have co-organised a mobile exhibition with pictures from John Paul II’s visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau on 7th June 1979 entitled “It was impossible for me not to come…”.

In addition, we have been showing our temporary exhibition around the Oświęcim District over the last several months, the idea behind which was to inform the local communities about the work of the Remembrance Museum. As part of our activities on a popular-science level, we organised a conference entitled “Topography of Remembrance” with the promotion of the book which we published entitled “Topography of Remembrance. Memorial Sites in the Land of Oświęcim of Auschwitz victims and resistance movement heroes in the years 1939-1945.” An English version of the book is currently being prepared.

Continuing the aim to popularise the concept of the Museum, we prepared another conference in September 2019 entitled “Tireless in the fight for their homeland – inhabitants of the Land of Oświęcim on WWII frontlines.” Furthermore, in November we began a cycle of gatherings “Encounter local history” with an event in Osiek.  At these gatherings, local residents can share their WWII stories. Currently, we are preparing for our second event which will be held in Brzeszcze in February.

Of great significance to the Remembrance Museum’s activities are our programmes addressed to young people which is why we undertook an educational project for the District’s high school pupils. The aim was to create a smartphone App which would be “map” of the Sites of Remembrance which are presented in the book “Topography of Remembrance” by Andrzej Strzelecki. The project ended on a high with the App being made available for free in the AppStore and Google Play.

We also offer our educational programme to primary school pupils by organising workshops regarding local history. The Remembrance Museum also cooperates with local associations and cultural institutions. This cooperation has led to the publication of a book by Marcin Dziubek entitled “Niezłomni wrześniowych dni – losy baonu Obrony Narodowej „Oświęcim” (In Polish only) and a book by Angnieszka Smreczyńska-Gąbka entitled “Za matowa szybą. W drodze do utraconej tożsamości.” (In Polish only).

The Remembrance Museum of Land of Oświęcim Residents has celebrated its first year of activity. It was a year of intensive activity as well as great satisfaction at the opportunity to meet residents of the Land of Oświęcim.

We do encourage our supporters to visit us on Instagram and Facebook where we regularly update you with information about important events as well as publish photographs and documents.

We also remind those of you who would like to share their collections or mementoes with us to get in touch with us – please call 33 447 40 84 or email us at biuro@muzeumpamieci.pl

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