Modernizacja MPMZO Marzec 2021

Modernising the future HQ of the Remembrance Museum

April 1st marks a year since Arco System signed the contact to transform the former Lagerhaus in Oświęcim into the HQ of the Remembrance Museum. After 12 months of work on the building and surroundings are taking shape!

The works can be seen from Leszczynskiej and Kolbego streets and contractors are undertaking groundworks in preparation for a variety of installations. The shape of roads can be seen already, roads that will lead to the Museum.

The building’s exterior is also changing. Works are underway to build on a stairwell on the southern side of the building. And on the northern side of the building a lift for those with disabilities is being constructed. Conservation works on the elevation are also visible.

As Director Doroto Mleczko says, “We are delighted that that timetable of works which was agreed at the signing of the contract has been kept in spite of the pandemic. Changes to both the building and its surroundings are visible to the naked eye. We are hopeful that the works can be finished as planned and that we will be able move on to work on the permanent exhibition.”

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