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Not only an exhibition. Stories of Lesser Poland’s museums about education and cooperation.

The main aim and idea behind the Remembrance Museum of Land of Oświęcim Residents’ activities is to commemorate the inhabitants of this area who rendered aid to the prisoners of the nearby KL Auschwitz camp, says director Dorota Mleczko in a film about the Museum’s activities and future development plans.

The film has been produced at the initiative of the Foundation Culture and Place who is carrying out a Polish-Ukrainian project entitled “Your story begins here” and the Remembrance Museum was one of the institutions invited to take part in the project.

The film shows the museum and its activities at a unique moment – namely as it is still in its organisational phase when the staff are working very hard to prepare the permanent exhibition, are still collecting new artefacts to add to their collections and are documenting eye-witness accounts. At the same time, the building known as the Lagerhaus in which the HQ of the new museum will be based is being renovated.

“It is very important to note what is taking place as the museum is being created – that is, the many activities to activate local residents. The young generation is crucial for us. And of course, the mission. I am delighted that many projects are underway which engage teachers, young people and families,” notes member of the Oświęcim District Board, Teresa Jankowska.

The film also contains information about the museum’s educational activities and the very important project which is the educational portal which came about after educators running workshops for primary and secondary school, Joanna Cebulska and Anita Bury, decided that their website needed to be expanded to include educational materials.

“The idea to build an educational platform was born, a platform which is suitable to all, from age 3 to 103. It is open to all by clicking on our address edukacja.muzeumpamieci.pl,” says Anita Bury.

We invite you to watch the film “Not only an exhibition. Stories of Malopolskie museums about education and cooperation.”

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