Instytucja Kultury województwa Małopolskiego

A unique concert to mark the first anniversary of the museum’s opening.

Marta Wilk z zespołem.

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On Sunday 7th May, the Remembrance Museum of Land of Oświęcim Residents celebrated the first anniversary of the opening of the permanent exhibition in its new headquarters. An exceptional event – a concert by Marta Wilk – was held to celebrate the occasion.

This was another event in the series “Musically Historically” organised by the museum. At 5pm the museum’s conference room was filled with numerous guests, who wanted to mark the first anniversary of the institution’s activities in its new headquarters at 2A Kolbego Street with us.

The guests were welcomed by the museum’s director, Ms. Dorota Mleczko. In a short speech she expressed gratitude to all those involved in the establishment, organisation and activities of the museum. She directed special thanks to the museum staff for their daily contribution to the development of the institution.

The floor was then taken by Ms. Teresa Jankowska – member of the Board of Directors of the Oświęcim District. In moving words, she referred to the need for a museum dedicated to the subject of the aid provided by Oświęcim residents during World War II.

The main highlight of the event was a concert by Ms. Marta Wilk – vocalist, theatre and musical stage artist, winner of many festivals, including: First Prize at the French Song Festival, Prize at the Anna German Festival, finalist at the Agnieszka Osiecka Festival. Marta’s outstanding vocals were accompanied by a band of musicians playing saxophone, double bass and keyboard. Museum guests were taken on a journey through the history of Polish song, starting with the pre-war hits “Powróćmy jak za dawnych lat” and “Miłość ci wszystko wybaczy”, through the 1950s and “pamiętasz była jesień” by Sława Przybylska.

Coming up closer to the present day, she performed songs by Irena Santor, Edyta Geppert, Anna German, Czesław Niemen and Maryla Rodowicz, among others. After the performance of the last song “But it was already there,” the audience demanded an encore with thunderous applause and a standing ovation. The singer acceded to the request on the condition that the audience sang the chorus of one of the most famous French songs with her. Singing “Les Champs-Elysees” together, our guests proved that they were no strangers to French!

The artist’s vocal artistry and unique repertoire left the guests with unforgettable impressions and in an excellent mood. The evening held one more surprise for all guests to take home- pots with seedlings of forget-me-nots – one of the symbols of our museum.

We would like to thank our guests for such a wonderful turn out, and the artists for an unforgettable performance. The concert was held with the support of Event Partner TAURON Ok S.A. under the “TAURON Fuses” programme.

Awaiting the concert.
A memorial book with a prepared entry for the anniversary celebration.
The temporary exhibition of Avit Szubert’s works attracted a lot of attention.
The spherical screen invariably arouses interest.
Director Dorota Mleczko welcomes the guests.
Marta Wilk and her band.
Marta Wilk and her band.
The audience during the concert.
Standing applause from the audience.
Post-concert talks.
Post-concert talks.
At the exit, saplings of forget-me-nots were handed out.
At the exit, saplings of forget-me-nots were handed out.
At the exit, saplings of forget-me-nots were handed out.