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How to record eye-witness’ recollections well

Warsztaty organizaowane przez Muzeum Pamięci

Participants in the history project entitled “Hear forgotten voices-the fate of the inhabitants of the Oświęcim area” took part in another free workshop related to the collection of materials and the creation of museum exhibits.

This project is addressed to teachers, employees of cultural institutions, day care centres, libraries, and local historical associations in the Oświęcim district, and is carried out by the Remembrance Museum of Land of Oświęcim Residents. The goal is to create a series of exhibitions presenting the fate of the inhabitants of the Oświęcim area.

Before the participants move on to the second stage and work independently on organizing the exhibition, they will undergo a series of specialized, free training sessions. They have already learned about issues related to taking pictures and archiving. Now it is time to learn the methods and good practices of interviewing witnesses of history. During a two-part workshop held in Oświęcim by Marcin Jarząbek, president of the Polish Oral History Association, they also gained competence in the use of recording equipment (voice recorders, smartphones) and other technical aspects related to the production of recordings.

18 people from schools, associations and cultural institutions in Oświęcim, Brzeszcze, Chełmek, Kęty, Zator, Gorzów and Malec are participating in the project. Its aims are, among other things:

– to awaken the interest of the residents of the Oświęcim area in local history,

– to broaden knowledge about local events and the extraordinary people of the area,

– to motivate those interested to actively collect and study historical sources and present history in an interesting and creative form.