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Unique residents’ portrait still being created


We are still in the process of creating a wonderful residents’ portrait to show that the memory of those who risked their lives to render aid to KL Auschwitz prisoners is still alive. Take a picture of yourself and send it to the Remembrance Museum of Land of Oświęcim Residents. The photos will form part of the permanent exhibition and can be viewed on our website.

Thank you for all the photos we have already received – you can see them here:

The mission of the Remembrance Museum is to commemorate the inhabitants of the Land of Oświęcim who, at the risk of their own lives, rendered aid to KL Auschwitz prisoners during WWII. The main aim of the Museum is to create a modern facility where materials can be collected and collated regarding the fate of those inhabitants and place them within their historical context.

Works are currently nearing conclusion to transform the former Lagerhaus into the Remembrance Museum’s HQ. Works to create the permanent exhibition have begun. One of the main aspects of the permanent exhibition is to be a portrait of residents for whom the concept of aid/ helping others is important. It will be our way of saying that the memory of those heroes – both men and women – who rendered aid to KL Auschwitz prisoners is still very much alive.

So, what do I have to do?

It’s easy! If you are a Land of Oświęcim resident and support the idea of helping others, send a photo of yourself – selfies accepted – with something that is characteristic for the region in the background – this could be a building, monument or a typical landscape view.
You will find the form and more information here

Portret Mieszkańców baner akcji