Jan Paweł II

Karol Wojtyła was born 100 years ago

Future Pope John Paul II was born in Wadowice on 18th May 1920. Lolek, as he was called in his childhood, was a conscientious pupil who willingly helped his classmates. His childhood and teenage years were not easy. His beloved mother died when he was 9 years old. Three years later his brother Edmund died… Read More
Trwa remont przyszłej siedziby Muzeum Pamięci

Future Remembrance Museum HQ renovation continues

A month after signing the contract for the modernisation of the Lagerhaus, Dorota Mleczko, Remembrance Museum Director, and Teresa Jankowska, member of the Oświęcim District Council visited the construction site. Site manager Mateusz Kutaś showed the ladies around the site and informed them how the work is going and spoke of the work planned for… Read More
Grób Nieznanego Żołnierza na placu Kościuszki w Oświęcimiu

Everybody had their Victory Day

Until the year 2015 Poles celebrated Victory Day (Day of National Victory and Freedom) on the 9th May. It was a left-over from the days when Poland was part of the Eastern bloc countries. The current Victory Day commemorates the Allied victory in WWII and is celebrated on 8th May. Among other countries, Russia, Belarus… Read More
Na zdjęciu znajduje się Pałac Niemcewiczów

May Bank Holidays!

Coming up is the May Long Weekend and three celebrations one after another! Labour Day, Polish National Flag Day and, most importantly, 3rd May Constitution Day. The beautiful history of the 1st May goes all the way back to the 19th century, when workers in Chicago in the USA protested and demanded the introduction of… Read More
Ilustracja do tekstu związanego z rocznicą

Kęty education’s tragic anniversary

The 23rd April 2020 marked 80 years since the arrest of almost 30 Kęty teachers by the Germans. Many of them were subsequently killed in concentration camps. Władysław Droździk in Almanach Kęckiego nr 1 from 1997 described the event as follows: “The arrests of the teachers were carried out in the Katowice district in April… Read More
Zdjęcie: Prace modernizacyjne przy nowej siedzibie Muzeum Pamięci

Building modernisation commences on the future HQ of Remembrance Museum

Fencing and skips at the building known as the Lagerhaus are an obvious sign of yet another important moment in the history of the Remembrance Museum whose aim is to commemorate the inhabitants of the Land of Oświęcim who rendered aid to KL Auschwitz prisoners. Construction works include the renovation, alteration and extension and adaptation… Read More
Ilustracja do tekstu związanego z rocznicą powstania

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 77 years ago…

Early in the morning on 19th April 1943 German soldiers entered the Warsaw Ghetto with the aim of liquidating it. They found themselves up against armed resistance which lasted almost a month. At its peak, the Germans forced almost 500,000 people into the fenced in Jewish quarter. From the middle of 1942 they transported the… Read More
80 Rocznica Zbrodni Katyńskiej - grafika do aktualności

World’s Day of Remembrance for Katyn Massacre Victims

Eighty years ago, almost 22,000 Polish prisoners of war in Kharkiv, Katyn, Smolensk and Tver were murdered by Soviet criminals. In recent years we particularly remember those killed by the NKVD (Secret Police) in an annual event on 13th April. In 2007, the Sejm (lower house of the Polish parliament) declared 13th April as Remembrance… Read More
Życzenia Wielkanocne - grafika do tekstu

Easter celebration

May the essence of the Easter celebration fill you with strength and joy and may an optimistic smile be with you every day. Director and Staff Read More
Trzy osoby podpisujące umowę w tym jedna kobieta pierwsza z lewej

Signed contracts and a new stage in the history of the Remembrance Museum

Representatives of the Remembrance Museum of the Land of Oświęcim Residents and subcontractors met in the temporary HQ of the Museum on 1st April 2020 and, while taking all necessary precautions, signed an investment/project supervision and construction contract. Work is expected to start early 2022.

Read More

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