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The Remembrance Museum of the Land of Oświęcim Residents is active in the fields of popular science, education, publishing as well as in the organisation of exhibitions.

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Zdjęcie rodziny pozującej przed domem.

In 2021, the most important thing was to carry out activities related to the modernization of the Lagerhaus building and the preparation of the permanent exhibition. The planned date for the opening of the Remembrance Museum - spring 2022 - was approaching fast.

Modernization of the future headquarters of the Remembrance Museum is underway

“We are very pleased that, despite the difficult epidemiological situation, the schedule of work set when the contract with the contractor was signed is being maintained. The changes both inside the building and in its surroundings are visible to the naked eye. We hope that the work will end as planned and we will be able to proceed with the permanent exhibition in the coming months,” said Dorota Mleczko, Remembrance Museum director, in March 2021.

Creating a unique portrait of the residents

We are still collecting photographs. They will make up a unique, collective portrait of residents who remember the heroes who risked their health and lives to help the prisoners of the Auschwitz German death camp. The portrait will be part of the permanent exhibition at the Remembrance Museum.

Here was my home

“Here Was My Home. Displacement from the Zone of Interest of Auschwitz Concentration Camp” – is the title of an online educational session organized in April by the Remembrance Museum and the International Center for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust.”

Journalists from France and Canada asked lots of questions

Preparations for the opening of the museum and permanent exhibition are attracting increasing interest from journalists, including those from outside Poland. In May, guests from French and Canadian media were told about the creation of the museum and its emerging exhibition by Dorota Mleczko, director of the Remembrance Museum.

Remembrance Museum’s new symbol

A forget-me-not flower on a stylized stem and the inscription – We will not forget – are elements of the new symbol of the Remembrance Museum which we are presenting on May 15, 2021, because it is May 15 that is Polish Forget-Me-Not Day.

On the Remembrance Museum’s activities at an international forum

On May 19, museum director Dorota Mleczko spoke about the functioning and achievements of the cultural institution she heads at the UNESCO WHC/ICOMOS advisory mission during an online session. The experts had many questions.

Work begins on exhibition

On June 9, Dorota Mleczko, director of the Remembrance Museum, and Krzysztof Koptynski, president of the Deko-Bau company, signed a contract for the execution, realization and launch of the museum’s permanent exhibition, along with the delivery of equipment and furnishings.

Museum's increasingly rich educational offer

Despite the lack of its own room and educational facilities, the educational offer of the Auschwitz Memorial Museum is getting richer. Museum educators conduct classes at schools interested in a variety of workshops. In total, a two-person team from the Education Department conducted 20 workshops throughout 2021. They were attended by 377 students.

HEAR THE FORGOTTEN VOICES - the fate of the inhabitants of the Oświęcim area in the first half of the 20th century.

The Museum has launched a historical project entitled “Hear the forgotten voices – the fate of the inhabitants of the Oświęcim area in the first half of the 20th century.” It is aimed at teachers, employees of cultural institutions, day care centers, libraries and local associations dealing with historical topics in the Oświęcim district. The Oświęcim Poviat together with the Oświęcim Municipality participated in the project as a co-organizer. The goal was to create a series of exhibitions dedicated to the fate of the inhabitants of the Oświęcim area.The prepared exhibitions could be viewed at: District Complex No. 10 of the Mikołaj Kopernik Mechanical and Electrical School in Kęty, St. Konarski High School in Oświęcim. Konarski High School in Oświęcim, Municipal Cultural, Sports and Recreation Center in Chełmek, District Complex No. 6 of Vocational and General Education Schools in Brzeszcze, “Glass” gallery of the Regional Cultural Center in Zator (authors from the Zator Land Lovers Society), Fireman’s House in Malec (authors – Youth Team at the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Malec), Local Government School Complex in Gorzów. The exhibitions will be successively presented at the headquarters of the Museum of the Remembrance of Residents of the Land of Oświęcim at 2A Maksymiliana Kolbego Street in Oświęcim.

A memento of American airmen in Oswiecim

In July, an unusual item was added to the collection of the Remembrance Museum. It is half of an oxygen tank from a Boeing B-17 bomber called the Flying Fortress. The aircraft part is one of the most unusual items among those acquired by the museum in recent months.

History has come full circle

At the end of August in Brzeszcze Nazieleńce, for the first time in her life, the daughter of Auschwitz prisoner Jozef Sobierajski met the woman who, along with her parents, helped him survive in January 1945. The meeting took place thanks to the efforts of the Remembrance Museum.

Stars over Oświęcim

The Remembrance Museum has made available online the transcript of an educational session entitled “Stars over Oswiecim” dedicated to American aviators. Where the Americans flew from over occupied Poland, how long their flights lasted, what their targets were and how the Germans defended themselves against air raids – these are just some of the many topics covered during the lecture given by aviation experts.

UNESCO and ICOMOS experts at the future HQ of the Remembrance Museum

The building of the so-called Lagerhaus was one of several sites visited in Oświęcim and Brzezinka by international specialists in the protection of monuments and memorials – representatives of UNESCO and ICOMOS.
During their three-day stay, the guests, along with representatives of the IOC, the National Heritage Institute, and the Provincial Conservator of Monuments, conducted on-site visits to locations closely related to the functioning of the Auschwitz German extermination camp during World War II.

Candles are burning again on the graves of heroes

In 2021, staff at the Remembrance Museum continued activities related to the “We Remember” project. Its implementation began a year ago before All Saints Day.

Another memento of the Silent Soldiers from Babice made its way to the Remembrance Museum

The transfer of the banner from the former Major Piotr Szewczyk Junior High School No. 1 in Rajsko was combined with the celebration of National Independence Day at the Rajsko Elementary School. The banner was received from the hands of Director Przemysław Dziedzic by Dorota Mleczko, Remembrance Museum director.

Historical calendar for 2022

A special calendar went to friends and supporters of the Remembrance Museum before Christmas. Its pages feature heroes – men and women – who were especially meritorious during World War II in helping Auschwitz prisoners and fighting the Germans.

Kalendarz 2022

Historical calendar for 2022

Friends and supporters of the Remembrance Museum of Land of Oświęcim Residents received a special calendar before Christmas in which photos of heroes and heroines are

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